Halloween special, how to make fake maggots

Maggots is one of those gross things that's perfect for halloween or a decomposed look. I was searching for a good DIY a while ago myself and didn't find a lot of great ones, so I wanted to fill in the gap and maybe give some inspiration to your halloween costume.

The trick is very simple, all you need is
Liquid latex
Optional acrylic paint
Glass, plate and spatula
Optional Glycerin

Do keep in mind that vinegar is a very strong scent, so try doing this outside or near a window so you can easily air out. 

Start off by pouring some latex onto a small plate, vinegar in a small glass you can easily reach into and have a container for your maggots.

Now for small maggots, dip your fingertip, and for bigger maggots just dip more of the finger into the vinegar and roll it together like a sausage. The vinegar gives the latex a film, this will help the shape and texture for your maggot.

If you want a color on it, mix in some acrylic paint. For the classic maggot, do one part yellow and two parts white, it will be a bit more yellow then this when it's fully dried. If you only use latex make sure to powder them to keep them from sticking, but I've found it doesn't do this with acrylic paint. If you're having them in a pile or onto a prop, coat them in glycerin for the slimy realistic effect.

Don't place this in your mouth, use a edible color for this use.